Savage Rookie Recruiter Program

Suited to: Those new to recruitment & staffing. Consultants with less than 12 months experience.

The Savage Rookie Recruiter Program is a multi-part, six-hour suite of training that gives consultants a strong grounding on all the steps to recruitment success. Delivered by Greg Savage and Emily McLeod from WOW Recruitment, the program can be used individually or in group settings with a training leader to facilitate discussion and learning.

Time to Complete - 6 hours

Module Content

1: Introduction from Greg Savage (Live now!)

Including attitudes, mindset and behaviours that drive success, the global industry, how to grow your career, resilience,

2: Basic Recruitment industry terminology and concepts (Live now!)

Including fee, margin, client, interview, second interview, offer counteroffer, temp, perm, contract, GP. Talent acquisition, RPO, PSA and much more

3: Talent Attraction & Pooling (Live now!)

Including talent pooling, LinkedIn InMail’s, and candidate outreach

4: Writing Job Ads (Live now!)

Including templates for writing job ads for temp and permanent roles 

5: Screening and interviewing (Live now!)

Including a phone-screen checklist, screening a resume, interviewing skills

6: Behavioral and Competency Based Interviewing (Live now!)

Including the benefits of Behavioral Interviewing, example questions and candidate rating scales

7: Candidate Management and Rejection (Live now!)

Including the candidate management, communication rhythms, and how to handle candidate rejection

8: Pre-Closing Candidates (Live now!)

Including timeframes for pre-closing, and example pre-closing techniques

9: Reference Checking (Live Now!)

Including why reference checking is important, example reference checking, and business development off reference checks

10: Understanding Candidate Motivation (Live Now!)

Including how to access candidate motivation levels, why a motivated candidate is the 'right' candidate, and candidate prioritization 

11: Candidate Outreach (Live Now!)

Including how to approach candidates, example ice-breakers, and the do's and don'ts of candidate outreach

12: Business Development (Live Now!)

Including how to approach clients, building rapport, and the do's and don'ts of client outreach

13: Client Visits (Live Now!)

Including how and when to conduct clients visits and adding value to your clients

14: Account Management (Live Now!)

Including account management tactics and advice around account management rhythm

15: Your Recruitment Career (Live Now!)

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