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The Savage Recruitment Academy offers a variety of intensive video modules along with a suite of over 50 microlearning videos to provide training for recruiters at any stage of their career.

Whether you're looking to get up to speed as a new recruiter, evolving from good recruiter to great recruiter, honing your skills as a billing manager, or mastering the intricacies of leading a recruitment business, these video sessions delivered by Greg Savage have it all.

How it works...

The Savage Recruitment Academy is a subscription based E-Learning platform for recruitment specific training presented by leading industry expert Greg Savage.

Now more than ever it is important to invest in yourself and your people. Every recruitment leader agrees that ongoing training and development is integral to the productivity of your agency and the retention of your staff. However when business starts heating up it is the first thing to fall by the wayside.

The Savage Recruitment Academy offers a solution to this problem by providing world class training on demand. Individuals or agencies can subscribe to the platform on a quarterly basis to gain ongoing access to Greg's critically acclaimed masterclasses along with Sixty Savage Second Microlearning videos and regular webinars.

Subscribe today to gain access to 40 years of recruitment experience at your fingertips! 

What's included...

Subscribers to The Savage Recruitment Academy gain access to:

✓ The Rookie Recruiter Program - 3 hours of induction content to get new consultants up to speed

✓ The Savage SELL Masterclass - 4 hours of recruitment focused sales skills training

✓ The BILLING. MANAGING. LEADING Masterclass - 3 hours of management training specific to recruiters

✓ The Final Word Masterclass - 3 hours of Greg's reflections on a successful career in recruitment 

Savage THRIVE Masterclass -  5 hours of hard hitting insights on leading through adversity  

✓ Sixty Savage Seconds - Regularly microlearning videos packed with recruiter tips and tricks

✓ Webinar & Podcast Updates -  Access to a myriad of videos, podcasts and webinar

✓ Quarterly Video Updates - New content from Greg Savage covering key industry issues

Latest Update: May 2024
Build a high-value recruitment business

The Savage Recruitment Academy has just added Greg's highly acclaimed session from the London Recruitment Agency Expo covering the essentials around building a high-value recruitment business. Broken into two parts, this talk provides key insight to owners and manages looking to position their business for sale including:

Sign up for the Savage Recruitment Academy today to access the content by clicking here


Subscribers as an individual or as an agency to provide training throughout every stage of the recruitment journey. 

All subscriptions are billed quarterly from the date you sign up to the platform, and allow unlimited access to the platform for the subscription period.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed and can be cancelled at any time.


1 Subscriber

$360.00 + GST
per quarter

($120.00 per month)


2 - 5 Staff

$648.00 + GST
per quarter

($216.00 per month)

6 - 20 Staff

$1,320.00 + GST
per quarter

($440.00 per month)

21 - 50 Staff

$2,112.00 + GST
per quarter

($704.00 per month)


51 - 100 Staff

$3,378.00 + GST
per quarter

($1126.00 per month)


101 - 200 Staff

$4,728.00 + GST
per quarter

($1576.00 per month)

The Content

Search the Savage Recruitment Academy 

To help you quickly access key topics for honing your recruitment skills, the Savage Recruitment Academy has an easy to navigate glossary of some of our most popular content. Click here to quick search some of our critically acclaimed sessions!

Savage SELL

Suited to: Individuals who are actively recruiting – Consultants, Billing Managers, Owner Operators. Anyone looking to hone their Sales Skills.

Savage SELL contains 4 hours of leading-edge recruitment sales training delivered by Greg and Chris Savage. A recruiter’s ability to market and persuade will underpin their success in an increasingly automated world, and these seven video modules provide you with all the skills required to be successful in the new world of recruitment.


Suited to: Leaders or individuals with leadership aspirations – Senior Consultants, Managers, or Managers of Managers.

Billing, Managing, Leading contains four hours of recruitment focused training specific to the role of Billing Manager. The role of a billing manager is THE most challenging job in recruitment, and often means billing big fees, managing clients and candidates, meeting personal targets, but also handling, training and minding a team of recruiters as well. This four-hour session is essential for anyone who aspires to have a successful management career in recruitment.

The Final Word

Suited to: Anyone looking to build a long and successful career in recruitment.

The Final Word captures a 3 hour session celebrating Greg’s 40th year in recruitment. In this session Greg covers the lessons, tactics, secrets and mantras he had gleaned from a glittering life-long career in the industry. Through hard hitting insights and real life anecdotes this session provides a template for a long and successful career in recruitment.


Suited to: Recruitment Leaders seeking to thrive through change.

The Savage THRIVE session delivered in August 2020 provides hard hitting insights to help agencies owners optimise their organisations to seize the opportunities posed by a challenging recruitment landscape. As the future brings new prospects for agency owners this content is now more relevant than ever.

Sixty Savage Seconds

Suited to: All recruiters. The perfect content to kick off your WIP meeting or to motivate consultants.

Sixty Savage Seconds are short sharp lessons for recruiters at any stage of the recruitment journey. Whether they are used to quickly bring consultants up to speed, or timely reminders for more established recruiters, these hard hitting videos are perfect for the modern learner.

Webinars, Podcasts & Regular Updates

Suited to: All recruiters. Stay across the latest industry challenges and opportunities.

Subscribers to the Savage Recruitment Academy receive access to quarterly sessions presented by Greg that cover the key challenges recruiters are facing, and the skills you need to exceed them. In addition to access to these sessions, subscribers can also access all of Greg's public webinars, podcasts, and other sessions at their fingertips. 

About Greg Savage

With a career spanning four decades, Greg is a founder of 4 highly successful businesses, is a trusted advisor and respected voice across the global recruitment and professional services industries, and a regular keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

Throughout his fascinating career, Greg has learned countless lessons in leadership, business and in life. One of his greatest achievements is his success as a communicator.  An early adopter of social media for recruiters, Greg’s industry blog, The Savage Truth, is a must-read in the recruitment industry. In November 2018, he was named one of LinkedIn’s ‘Top Voices’.

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