Savage SELL

Suited to: Individuals who are actively recruiting – Consultants, Billing Managers, Owner Operators. Anyone looking to hone their Sales Skills.

Savage SELL contains 4 hours of leading-edge recruitment sales training delivered by Greg and Chris Savage. A recruiter’s ability to market and persuade will underpin their success in an increasingly automated world, and these seven video modules provide you with all the skills required to be successful in the new world of recruitment.

Time to Complete - 4 hours

Module Content

Introduction – Sophisticated Selling for the Modern Recruiter


  • Positioning
  • Collaborating
  • Believability Branding


  • Selling Candidate Rules
  • Selling Target Salary
  • Selling Temp Pay Rate
  • Selling Candidate Exclusivity


  • Storytelling
  • Social Selling
  • Brutal Truths About Selling


  • Client Fit or Flabby? Quiz
  • Selling Exclusivity
  • The Sales Visit


  • Trust in Selling
  • Selling to Big Companies
  • Negotiating Fees Perm, Temp and Temp to Perm


  • Resilience in selling

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