How it works...

The Savage Recruitment Academy is a subscription based E-Learning platform for recruitment specific training video modules presented by leading industry expert Greg Savage.

Individuals or agencies can subscribe to the training and are billed quarterly to access based on the number of individuals accessing the content. 

Once subscribed, users can login via the Savage Recruitment Academy website to view the content. Simply enter your login details in the top right hand of the screen to make the 'Start Training' tab appear in the menu - then use the 'Start Training' tab to access the learning.

Organisations on a bulk user subscription can edit and allocate staff related to their subscription through their parent account. Simply login under the main user account (i.e. the account under which the subscription has been purchased) and click the 'Subscribe Now' tab to edit your users.

Once subscribed, users have unlimited access to the content on the platform. Additionally users are regularly reminded of their subscriptions and a free to unsubscribe at any time.

What's included...

Subscribers to The Savage Recruitment Academy gain access to:

✓ The Savage SELL Masterclass - 4 hours of recruitment focused sales skills training

✓ The BILLING. MANAGING. LEADING Masterclass - 3 hours of management training specific to recruiters

✓ The Final Word Masterclass - 3 hours of Greg's reflections on a successful career in recruitment 

Savage THRIVE Masterclass -  5 hours of hard hitting insights on leading through adversity  

✓ Sixty Savage Seconds -  50 microlearning videos packed with recruiter tips and tricks


Subscribers as an individual or as an agency to provide training to your staff throughout every stage of their recruitment journey. 

All subscriptions are billed quarterly and allow unlimited access to the platform for the subscription period.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed and can be cancelled at any time.


1 Subscriber

$360.00 + GST
per quarter

($120.00 per month)


2 - 5 Staff

$648.00 + GST
per quarter

($216.00 per month)

6 - 20 Staff

$1,320.00 + GST
per quarter

($440.00 per month)

21 - 50 Staff

$2,112.00 + GST
per quarter

($704.00 per month)


51 - 100 Staff

$3,378.00 + GST
per quarter

($1126.00 per month)


101 - 200 Staff

$4,728.00 + GST
per quarter

($1576.00 per month)

Enquiries and Support
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