Suited to: Leaders or individuals with leadership aspirations – Senior Consultants, Managers, or Managers of Managers.

Billing, Managing, Leading contains four hours of recruitment focused training specific to the role of Billing Manager. The role of a billing manager is THE most challenging job in recruitment, and often means billing big fees, managing clients and candidates, meeting personal targets, but also handling, training and minding a team of recruiters as well. This four-hour session is essential for anyone who aspires to have a successful management career in recruitment.

Course Duration - 3 hours

Course Content

Introduction – The Importance of a Billing Manager to a Recruitment Business

  • Where Billing Managers Go Wrong
  • The Importance of Being Senior
  • Building your Brand

The Savage Seven ‘C’s of Billing Manager Leadership

  • Clarity
  • Climate
  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Courage
  • Comprehension
  • Creativity

Managing Priorities

  • Where a Billing Manager should spend their time
  • The Five Billing Manager priorities

Productivity Tips for the Billing Manager

  • Building a Team that Enhances Productivity
  • Personal Organisation
  • Delegation

Effective, Positive Activity Management

  • Activity x Quality x Target Market
  • Backwards Planning
  • Re-Inventing KPI’s for the Modern Recruiter
  • Managing the big billing recruitment Prima-Donna

Performance Management

  • Managing Newbies, Under-Performers, Average Performers, and High Performers
  • The 6 Steps to Performance Management

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