The Final Word

Suited to: Anyone looking to build a long and successful career in recruitment.

The Final Word captures a 3 hour session celebrating Greg’s 40th year in recruitment. In this session Greg covers the lessons, tactics, secrets and mantras he had gleaned from a glittering life-long career in the industry. Through hard hitting insights and real life anecdotes this session provides a template for a long and successful career in recruitment.

Course Duration: 3 hours

Course Content

Introduction – What it takes to be a great recruiter

The Future Fit Recruiter

  • Staying valuable
  • Multi-listed, contingency recruitment
  • Intention not attention

You own your recruitment career

  • The importance of motivation
  • Great recruiters vs Great recruitment managers
  • Your worst enemy in recruitment

Learning to Lead

  • Leadership is action
  • Consistency, Clarity, Climate, Communication, Courage

Growing Your Recruitment Business

  • Building a second tier of management
  • Hiring to raise the average
  • Building a high performance culture

Directing Traffic

  • Incremental Innovation
  • Recruitment and Marketing
  • The biggest drains on agency profits
  • Calculating cost of seat

Lessons from a lifetime of mistakes

  • The importance of listening
  • Advice NOT to give
  • The Final Word

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